Big Vendor Edition

25 January 2019 #579

Cover Story: Big Vendor Edition

Big Vendor Edition

There’s a special week every year that celebrates our vendors and the thousands of people who sell street magazines around the world. To mark International #VendorWeek, this edition is all about vendors and their stories.

Eleven vendors, armed with disposable cameras, set out to document their “happy place” for a very special Big Picture.

Adelaide vendor (and cover star) Cindy makes a friend from L’Itinéraire street paper in Montreal.
Vendors from Salvador to Seoul share the songs that mean the most to them (listen to the playlist here).

And Sydney vendor Tutu Bob kicks off our new travel feature by taking us on a tour of the hidden secrets of Sydney.

Also in this edition:

• MasterChef 2018 winner Sashi Cheliah brings us the recipe for his Beef Rendang, and the story behind it.
• World-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli talks about finding faith, losing his sight and, of course, the music.
• It’s been 20 years since Eminem exploded onto the music scene, but he’s still got plenty of appeal. We take a look at the career of the controversial rapper.
• There are more than 13 million child refugees worldwide, yet we rarely hear their voices. Lebanese director Nadine Labaki decided to change that.
Lee Kofman’s new book turns the spotlight on “imperfect” bodies, including her own.

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