For the Love of Libraries

8 March 2019 #582

Cover Story: For the Love of Libraries


Libraries are a window to our history, to new worlds, to imagination. They instil a love of reading, and support learning and literacy. They provide access to digital resources, and a safe space. Democratic, secular and free, they are one of our most important institutions.

So then why are our school libraries fighting for survival? In this edition, contributing editor Anastasia Safioleas investigates the quiet demise of the school library, and its impact on our children and childhood literacy. As former Children’s Laureate Jackie French tells us: “There is an epidemic of library closures and it is hidden.”

Also take a look at the unique libraries making a difference around Australia, and and the idiosyncratic mind behind the Dewey Decimal System. PLUS, did you know that Keith Richards had a secret wish to become a librarian?

Also in this edition

• Offbeat cultural icon Jeff Goldblum talks jazz, cantaloupes and his words to live by: “Drink plenty of water, go to bed on time and keep a song in your heart.”

• Self-confessed bad feminist and writer Roxane Gay discusses trauma and triumph in this edition’s Letter to My Younger.
• Acclaimed Australian author Mark Brandi (Wimmera) reveals why he decided to explore the inner-city streets and the issues of homelessness in his new novel The Rip.
• In Big Picture we do a deep-dive with our nation’s most enigmatic marsupial: the platypus.
• Tastes Like Home celebrates Jollof Rice, the spicy West African rice dish, with home cook Adetokunboh Adeniyi.
• In Vendor Tour, Fremantle vendor Raylene recommends her favourite beaches, cafes and historical sights.

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