The New Space Race

11 July 2019 #591

Cover Story: The New Space Race


Fifty years ago this month, Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. Buzz Aldrin was a few steps behind. They made the impossible, possible. And their “giant leap” united humanity in an unprecedented way. A record 600 million people tuned in to watch the first Moon walk on their black-and-white televisions.

In this edition, writer Vin Maskell remembers the magical day as a school kid in Melbourne. Alan Atwood recalls the momentous global impact of the Moon landing, and asks: now what? And with billionaire tech tycoons now competing with governments for their patch of space, Michael Epis delves into the new space race – one that revolves around money, mining and military.

Plus, Gunnai/Yorta Yorta man Uncle Wayne Thorpe talks to us about the importance of Indigenous astronomy; photographer Daniel Kordan captures the Milky Way from the salt flats of Bolivia; we look at Australia’s role in the Moon landing; and we pay tribute to Laika, the first dog in space.

Also is this edition

•In Letter to My Younger Self, Patricia Arquette talks love, loss and the fight for pay parity.

• As Japan resumes commercial whaling for the first time in 30 years, we speak to those aboard The Sea Shepherd about their open-water fight to protect the whales and their new doco capturing the battle.

• Want to read more books? One writer goes to a silent reading party to find out if it’s better to read with company.

• In Tastes Like Home, we head to Adelaide via South Africa as chef Brent Assam serves up a delicious dish of Pipis with Chakalaka – he’s also going to be cooking up a storm at The Big Issue’s Big Lunch at Adelaide Central Markets on July 28.

Brisbane singer-songwriter Hatchie has laid down her debut album, a dream-pop Keepsake of love lost and friendships found.

Ballarat vendor Linda takes us on a tour of her favourite spots in the Victorian Gold Rush town in the latest Vendor Tour Guide.

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