The Secret Life of Trees

5 September 2019 #595

Cover Story: The Secret Life of Trees


Look up! Spring is in the air. There are new buds on the branches, the blossoms are blooming. In this edition, we celebrate trees! Trees are, of course, integral to the health of the planet. The lungs of the Earth. But did you know trees also have a secret language? Trees can communicate, feed one another and they even have a social security system (of sorts). In this edition, Contributing Editor Michael Epis probes the roots of these majestic plants.

We also look at battle to save the sacred Djab Wurrung birthing trees in western Victoria; we revisit the Rainforest Wars of 1979, a landmark protest in northern NSW that changed the way we value our environment; one writer rediscovers her tree literacy after moving to Australia, while another writes about the recovery and rejuvenation of the bush in the wake of the devasting fire.

Also in this edition:

• In Letter to My Younger Self, author Kathy Lette lets loose on politics, chauvinist pigs and Puberty Blues.

• With the release of her third album, we talk to Sampa the Great – who is certainly living up to her name.

The Nightingale is a film about colonial Tasmania that refuses to look away from the atrocities. Film Editor Annabel Brady-Brown talks to the film’s stars about what it’s like making something so raw, confronting and important.

• The past meets the future when a boatful of UK migrants sails for Australia in Meg Mundell’s compelling dystopian thriller.

• In Vendor Tour Guide, we head overseas, and take in the sights of Seoul alongside vendor Yeong-su Moon, who has been selling The Big Issue Korea since 2006.

• In Tastes Like Home, we bring you a hearty and healthy Bean and Vegetable Soup from Two Good Co: a social enterprise that provides food, support and training to survivors of domestic violence.

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