Tim Minchin

31 October 2019 #599

Cover Story: Tim Minchin


When Tim Minchin came back to Australia after years of career success (including writing the score for Matilda the Musical), he felt pretty close to being depressed. He’d endured a few crushing careers blows and felt like he’d lost his “mojo”.

“It was like someone had just sucked it out of me, like a Roald Dahl character with some sort of vacuum pump had just stolen my sparkle-arkle. And that’s all I’ve got!”

In the latest edition deputy editor Katherine Smyrk talks to the funny-man about how he got into the biz in the first place, how he eventually managed to get his sparkle-arkle back – in part something he attributes to working in Australia again, on new drama series Upright, and on his national tour. He says: “It’s good to be home.”

More highlights in this edition:

• In Letter to My Younger Self rock’n’roll trailblazer Suzi Quatro talks Elvis, her family band and how she always knew she’d make it.

• We talk to musical twins Tegan and Sara about their new album and new memoir – which revealed a shocking truth: they do not know everything about each other.

• With the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, we share the story of one woman’s escape from East to West. And we revisit the historic moment in Big Picture.

• We chat to the makers of Emu Runner, a stunning new Australian film about a young girl’s friendship with a wild emu.

• In Vendor Tour Guide, Odd from Sorgenfri shows us around Trondheim, Norway, to discover forests, wandering moose and signs of global warming.

• In Tastes Like Home, TV chef Mark Olive shares his love for Indigenous ingredients and a delicious recipe for Pear and Red Wine Tart!

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