Cat's all Folks!

26 December 2019 #602

Cover Story: Cat's all Folks!


As the sun sets on 2019, we look back at the 2010s, the decade with no name. Was it the Tens? The Teens? We’ve dubbed it the Digital Decade, the era when we started to view the world – and ourselves – through smartphones. So, who better to be our cover star than the queen of memes, Grumpy Cat? After all, cats owned the internet this decade, and none more so than Grumpy.

The 2010s saw a huge change in the way we consume entertainment, from streaming services to podcasts and e-readers. This edition will remind you of all the decade’s best moments, as our arts editors bring you the Ultimate 2010s Entertainment Guide – they give us their picks for best books, films and songs (check out our Spotify playlist:, as well as those binge-worthy shows and podcasts you might’ve missed. Plus, The Big Quiz is back to test you on how closely you have been reading this magazine throughout the year!

Wishing you all a happy 2020.

More highlights in this edition:

Elton John reveals all in an interview with his famous friends, from Eminem to Donatella Versace, from Ed Sheeran to Billie Jean King.

The Big Picture: remembering the milk bars of old, serving mixed lollies and milkshakes on street corners all around Australia.

In Tastes Like Home, chef Luke Nguyen shares his family favourite, Seared Jumbo Prawns: “an ideal dish to cook during the long hot Aussie summer.”

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