Patrick Stewart - Making It So

21 February 2020 #606

Cover Story: Patrick Stewart - Making It So


It’s the return nobody thought would happen. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thoughtful, reserved, not afraid to think before acting and unashamedly bald, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is back on our TV screens after 25 years! In this edition, we speak to the ever commanding and charismatic actor Patrick Stewart about Picard, pit bulls and politics.

“Picard and Patrick became very close friends,” Stewart tells us. “I think by halfway through the second season of Next Generation, I began to realise that I didn’t quite know where Patrick left off and Jean-Luc began – that we had merged.”

Also in this edition:

Culture critic Clem Bastow looks at why Star Trek continues to inspire such a loyal following more than 50 years after it first aired. Resistance is futile!

The fabulous Miss Phryne Fisher makes her big screen debut, and we chat to Essie Davis about playing the beloved, bejewelled and bedecked detective.

Greig Pickhaver, otherwise known as HG Nelson, opens up about family, luck and the Sydney Olympics in Letter to My Younger Self.

Camp Cope's Georgia Maq talks self-love and the power of pop - as well as her new solo album of love songs.

Author Eliza Henry-Jones writes an ode to a comforting cup of tea. So pop on the kettle and curl up with The Big Issue!

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