Jane Fonda - Exercises Her Rights

6 March 2020 #607

Cover Story: Jane Fonda - Exercises Her Rights

Jane Fonda


“The plastic handcuffs hurt more than the metal ones and I discovered that it’s not easy for an 82-year-old to get in and out of a police paddy wagon without using her hands,” says our cover star Jane Fonda of her recent arrest while leading climate change protests in Washington DC.

In this edition, we look at how the two-time Academy Award winner, one-time fitness guru and long-time activist has spent the past 50 years campaigning to make the world a better place. As she tells it, “Why be a celebrity if you can’t leverage it for something that is this important?”

Other highlights in this edition:

For International Women’s Day, we’ve asked four inspiring Australian women – playwright Michelle Law, disability activist Carly Findlay, feminist writer Clementine Ford and lawyer Fadak Alfayadh – to write about the women who have inspired them.

Rose McGowan talks about growing up in a cult, experiencing teenage homelessness and taking on toxic Hollywood in her Letter to My Younger Self.

We speak to actor Fayssal Bazzi about the star-studded new ABC-TV six-part drama series Stateless that looks at immigration detention – from both sides of the wire.

Irish-born Perth-based crime novelist Dervla McTiernan is back with the third book in her award-winning Cormac Reilly series – but she tells us why she’s taking a hiatus from her famous detective.

In Big Picture, we visit the Isle of Women – a tiny island (population 600) off the Estonian coast that is run by women.

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