30 April 2020 #611



The Big Issue met up with Sir David Attenborough in London in March. It seems like an age ago now, in those days before lockdown. Yet despite the global pandemic and his 94th birthday on 8 May, the world’s most famous naturalist is refusing to slow down. Rather, he’s renewing his fight to save the planet for the next generations.

“I couldn’t live…” he begins, then stops. “If I was seriously – seriously – convinced that there was no hope of actually dealing with the problems, I don’t know what I’d do.

“We’re in an unprecedented situation,” he tells us. “We know quite a lot about the history of the world. We go back 500 million years and there is no species with anything like the power homo sapiens have over the natural world. There is nothing remotely like the situation we’re in at the moment. There’s no moral to be taken from what happened in the past. We’ve got a completely blank sheet of paper in front of us.”

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Also in this edition:

Anthony Field – aka the Blue Wiggle – talks Elvis, boarding school and becoming a guitar-playing preschool teacher in his Letter to My Younger Self.

Killing Eve is back on the ABC for season three, and we speak to one of its stars Fiona Shaw about just how much she loves playing the control-freak English spy boss, and what’s in store for the new series.

• We visit the Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle, where deep inside the ice one million seeds have been stored in a special gene bank, ready to save humanity should disaster strike.

• In The Big Picture, we join photographer Ingo Arndt as he spends three months following monarch butterflies from the US to Mexico.

• Ahead of the release of their new record All That Glue, Brit agitators Sleaford Mods talk to us about welfare, rage…and toilets.

• And in Tastes like Home Gaby Chapman shares her recipe for budget-friendly Chickpea Curry, which uses all-pantry ingredients.

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