15 May 2020 #612



“Every now and again we offer words of encouragement to a young man in a harness clinging to the gum’s spindly branches, determination etched across his sunburned face. He’s trying to reach a koala,” reports Anastasia Safioleas from a wildlife rescue mission on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. “The animal is no doubt wondering why he’s in her tree, but it’s important to get her down.”

In our latest edition, we meet the many people who are working tirelessly to protect and rehabilitate the island’s koalas and other wildlife in the wake of Australia’s bushfire crisis. Before the fires, close to 50,000 koalas called the island home. Now it’s estimated that fewer than 10,000 remain.

One of those is Colette – the aforementioned koala being rescued and rehabilitated by staff and volunteers at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. Hers is a story of hope, as we follow her recovery and release back into the bush.



Also in this edition:

• Actor Miriam Margolyes on playing her part, playing around and playing Dickens in a candid Letter to My Younger Self.

• In Tastes like Home Natalie Paull shares her decadent take on that fancy 80s dessert from Sara Lee – the Chocolate Bavarian Pie.

• In Big Picture, Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti documents the first days of pandemic shutdown in Milan.

• Writers Kerri Sackville, Elizabeth Flux and Mariann B share stories of heart and hilarity about life under lockdown.

• Author Pip Williams pens a riveting novel based on the history of the Oxford English Dictionary. Books editor Thuy On particularly recommends it for “word nerds and lovers of historical and literary fiction alike”.

• We still can’t visit the art galleries – but we show you how you can get a cultural care package delivered directly to your inbox. For free! Prototype is curating video installations for art-lovers at home.

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