17 July 2020 #616



In May this year, the world’s most famous frog celebrated the 65th anniversary of his television debut. Sheesh! Time flies when you’re having fun, and time’s fun when you’re having flies. In Kermit’s case, it’s both! Especially as he’s got Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang back together for Muppets Now – a new six-part sitcom premiering later this month.

In this edition, Small Screens Editor Aimee Knight speaks to Kermit about his secrets for staying young, his advice on how to create harmony in a chaotic world, and why it’s a little bit easier being green these days.

“It still means spending each day the colour of leaves,” he says. “But nowadays, it also means being part of a wonderful world where folks are really doing their best to keep the planet green. And that means a lot to me – not just as an amphibian, but as a spokesfrog for all species lower than people on the food chain.”

Also in this edition:

• Thousands of rough sleepers have been provided temporary accommodation as part of the crisis response to COVID-19. In this edition, we talk to homelessness advocates and people who have experienced homelessness about the solutions needed to end homelessness in Australia for good.

• We speak to director Michael Winterbottom who – alongside his comedian sidekick Steve Coogan – takes aim at the world of fast-fashion and its dubious practices in new satire Greed.

• Reformed rocker Ozzy Osbourne recalls the gift that changed his life, the day he’d love to do-over and a life of rock’n’roll excess in his Letter to My Younger Self.

• Author Mark Brandi (Wimmera) met fellow novelist Andrew McGahan (Praise) just the once – but that meeting left an indelible impression as he recounts in this moving tribute.

• After a stratospheric rise, UK singer Lianne La Havas has re-set for her third album – which she reveals is her most personal.

• And in Tastes Like Home, The Living Room’s Miguel Maestre shares his family recipe for simple and sensational Seafood Paella à la Maestre.

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