15 October 2020 #622



“I’m usually a pretty quiet person, quite reserved, and I don’t really go out of my way to meet people, but when you’re on stage it’s a different dynamic, and the relationship I have with the audience – with the people who come to listen to me not just sing but also tell stories – there’s a great rapport that I have. It’s hard to do that in front of cameras, without people being there. It’s strange, but you can do it.”

Legendary singer-songwriter Archie Roach was all set to spend 2020 touring the country – until COVID struck and everything changed. In this edition, we chat to Roach about how he’s continued to shine his light during lockdown – a little differently to how he first imagined – by launching his own YouTube channel, a range of educational resources for Australian schools, and by recording his new album Songs of Charcoal Lane: a reimagining of the iconic original. All from his kitchen table.

Also in this edition:

Sporty Spice Mel C zoomed us from London to talk virtual tours, Spice Girl reunions and how she’s finally feeling comfortable in her own skin.

• Crime novelist Jane Harper shares her secrets for writing a bestseller filled with plot twists and turns, as well as the inspiration behind her latest book The Survivors.

• TV host Grant Denyer talks about growing up a farm kid, battling his biggest fear and the decision that changed his life in his Letter to My Younger Self.

• Actor Clancy Brown, the quintessential baddie – Highlander warrior, The Shawshank Redemption prison guard – takes us through his horror faves in time for Halloween.

• In Tastes Like Home, Hetty McKinnon’s recipe for Egg, Pea and Ginger Fried Rice is a love letter to her mother’s famous fried rice, a source of pride and comfort for her childhood (and adult) self.

• From Brunswick to Carlton, Abbotsford to Coburg North, photographer Warren Kirk captures the community of Melbourne’s northern suburbs in The Big Picture.

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