29 October 2020 #623



“Disco comes from darkness. We can attest from this year that life throws its challenges [at you]. So how do you find your light within that?” says Kylie Minogue on the phone from her London apartment, where she reveals what she’s been up to during lockdown: recording her new album Disco, dancing around the kitchen and living in her trackie daks.

“I thought about that more during lockdown… How disco was a safe place. It was born out of difficulty and yes, it’s dripping in sequins and it’s exuberant. People are showing off and letting go, being more themselves or being someone else, depending on what worked for them. That makes sense to me. Everyone needs to have that kind of safe space.

Also in this edition:

• Jimmy Barnes writes about learning to overcome his fears, with a little help from his loved ones.

• Bestselling author Trent Dalton (Boy Swallows Universe) gives us the lowdown on his second novel, the highly anticipated All Our Shimmering Skies.

Kate Miller-Heidke talks Eurovision, The Masked Singer and the power of pop.

• Singer-songwriter Kutcha Edwards on the day he was taken, rewriting the national anthem and his most powerful ally, music, in his Letter to My Younger Self.

• In The Big Picture, food photographer Henry Hargreaves visits doomsday preppers across the US to discover how their survival skills have kept them safe and food-secure during the pandemic.

• In Tastes Like Home, Ixta Belfrage’s recipe for Spicy Mushroom Lasagne transports her back to the sleepy Tuscan town of her childhood – and the dish that made her fall in love with food.

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