10 December 2020 #626



Welcome the festive season with The Big Issue! This edition is a celebration of our vendors by our vendors, who have penned their reflections on a difficult year, hopes for the future and thanks to the people who matter most in our annual Big Wish Yous. It’s an edition full of heart, humour and hope. All with Sydney vendor Dave S on the cover – complete with Santa hat and a brilliant smile.
I’m excited,” he says about finally making his cover debut after selling The Big Issue for almost 25 years. “I’m going to say 2020 never happened… It’s been a crap year. It was hard. But I think in the new year it’s going to come better. You know, new start, new year.”

More highlights in this festive edition:

•  We chat to author Jackie French about her new book The Fire Wombat, inspired by a miraculous moment the wildlife-lover witnessed at her rural home during last summer’s bushfires.

•  Hollywood heavyweight Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) tells us why he’s adapted Roald Dahl’s The Witches for the big screen.

•  Electronic dynamos The Avalanches are back with their third album about the wonders of love and powered by a real-life tale of intergalactic romance.

•  Tastes Like Home: Bill Granger recalls his grandma whipping up a traditional roast lunch on a scorching hot Christmas Day. Nowadays, he tells us, he prefers simpler summer fare, such as his Chopped Salad with Peanut and Lime Dressing.

•  Writer Karenlee Thompson works herself into a lather over a Christmas pudding.

•  In The Big Picture, photographer Mark Nixon remembers our much-loved childhood companions: teddy bears.

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