Make Me Smile

Our annual fiction edition is here, and this year we present some truly fantastical interpretations of our theme, ‘Make Me Smile’. Inside you’ll find office pirates, apocalyptic bucket lists, slimy ...

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16 August 2013 Issue no: 439

Addicted to Love

On the screen and on the page, romance is big business. And, as author Toni Jordan reveals, it’s a genre destined to live happily ever after…

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02 August 2013 Issue no: 438

Original Cyndi

Thirty years after she became a global star, “that wacky chick” from Queens, New York, is back as a serious talent on Broadway and will soon tour Australia. Clem Bastow offers a ...

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19 July 2013 Issue no: 437

Baby Steps

How will you fare in this year’s Big Quiz? All questions (including at least one relating to the royals to justify our shameless choice of Kate for cover girl) come ...

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05 July 2013 Issue no: 436

Still Super

The highly anticipated new Superman film, Man of Steel, hits cinemas on 27 June. As hype reaches fever pitch, Anthony Morris delves into the 75-year-old backstory of the character and ...

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21 June 2013 Issue no: 435

Caine and Able

Michael Caine turned 80 in March. A grandfather of three, the dual Oscar winner has now been making movies for seven decades. Once he was associated with his 1960s character ...

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06 June 2013 Issue no: 434

Great Scott

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby hits the big screen this month. Tom Hawking talks to actor Tobey Maguire about his star turn as Nick Carraway; Rebecca Harkins-Cross takes on the ...

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24 May 2013 Issue no: 433

Everest: The First Ascent

Marking the anniversary this month of Hillary and Tenzing’s towering achievement, Brigitte Muir – the first Australian woman to climb Everest – gives a personal account of her close encounters ...

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10 May 2013 Issue no: 432

The Doctor Is In

Eleven re-generations and an all-ages fan base are proof that Doctor Who is a huge success. On the show’s 50th anniversary, Lee Zachariah maps the Time Lord’s journey from shoddy ...

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26 April 2013 Issue no: 431

Wild Child

In her short career, Rihanna has made as many headlines for her social media activities as for her music. On Twitter, on tour, in the bath...Rihanna hasn’t blurred the line ...

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12 April 2013 Issue no: 430

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