The 2017 Big Issue Calendar

28 October 2016 Magazine

The 2017 Big Issue Calendar

It’s that time of year again… The Big Issue Calendar is here! In the 2017 edition, vendors share hobbies and interests they pursue in their lives outside work. The calendar includes snapshots of the vendors in action, with illustrations from longstanding Big Issue cartoonist Andrew Weldon.

Selling the calendar alongside regular editions of The Big Issue gives vendors an extra boost around the holidays. Vendors buy calendars for $4.50 and sell them for $9, keeping the difference. It’s a fantastic Christmas gift idea and every copy sold puts money in a vendor’s pocket.

Make sure you buy one to check out the skills of vendors around the country, from archery to photography. Our featured vendors are Bryan from Canberra, Scott from Sydney, Ben from Brisbane, Krystal H from Adelaide, Maura from Perth and Emma from Melbourne.

The 2017 Big Issue Calendar is on sale now, grab one from your local vendor.

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