Celebrating the first birthday of the Women's Subscription Enterprise in WA

21 November 2017 Women's Subscription Enterprise

Celebrating the first birthday of the Women's Subscription Enterprise in WA

A year ago we launched the Women’s Subscription Enterprise in Perth, Western Australia.

We celebrated this important anniversary in the Perth office this week with the women involved and a beautiful (and very delicious) cake. 

In the past year the Women’s Subscription Enterprise has had some great outcomes in Perth.

The enterprise has employed 12 women who have experienced homelessness or disadvantage – all but one were referred to us by women’s refuges.

Aside from the benefits of having an income, our employees have all reported increased confidence and self-esteem since starting. Most importantly, they’ve enjoyed the peer support and working in a safe and friendly environment. 

During the first 12 months of operations in Perth we have:

  • Employed 12 women have been employed
  • Run 190 working shifts
  • Packed more than 20,000 Big Issue subscriptions,
  • Completed contract work for Westpac, Palisade and Women in Mining WA

Harjinder, pictured above, is one of the women who has been with the Women’s Subscription Enterprise in WA since it launched. She found out about it through a women’s refuge.

Previously Harjinder has worked in childcare, but because of personal issues she left her job and had been unemployed for a year before starting work with the enterprise. She says she had “lost all confidence” and was scared to go out and talk to men or women. She remembers being very nervous on her first shift.

One year on, the Women’s Subscription Enterprise has helped boost her confidence and an income has helped pay for her expenses.

Harjinder says the best part about the enterprise is the team work. “I was scared of men and women. Slowly, slowly I began talking to women. It’s been good to connect with others. We feel safe around each other and understand each other’s pain. It’s a safe environment.”

Here's to another successful 12 months – with results like those experienced by Harjinder!

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