The Big Issue launches new magazine series, Living Homeless

20 April 2018 Magazine

The Big Issue launches new magazine series, Living Homeless

Magazine Editor Amy Hetherington introduces 'Living Homeless' – a new series of stories from the people who have lived experiences of homelessness. 

In every edition, homelessness is always our Big Issue.

But we really want to zero in on what it actually feels like to be homeless. So, we’ve launched a new series in the magazine, called 'Living Homeless'.

In it, Big Issue vendors and people in The Big Issue community have generously shared their own stories and experiences. They give voice to our growing homelessness crisis.

The first story comes from a former Big Issue Classroom Speaker, Michael – he reveals how you can still be homeless when you live in a boarding house. “It was never a home, not a place to hang your coat, lay your head,” he writes. “It was hell.”

It’s open and honest, and it’s these accounts that really count. Keep an eye out for more stories like Michael’s in upcoming editions.

Amy Hetherington is Editor of The Big Issue

Illustration by Michel Streich

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