A message from Dave, who is doing City2Surf to raise funds for The Big Issue

17 July 2018 Magazine

A message from Dave, who is doing City2Surf to raise funds for The Big Issue

My name's Dave and I'm a Big Issue vendor in Sydney. I've been selling the magazine for around 22 years now, almost since The Big Issue started in Australia.

The Big Issue is my life, it gives me a reason to get up and actually do something. I’ve got to get out on my pitch or I feel like I’m wasting my life away sitting at home.

I spent 20 years on the streets, I couldn’t afford to pay the rent. But now I’m selling the magazine I don’t have to sleep out. I’m going on six years being in housing and I have stability in my life.

I have a circle of friends I would never have had if I was sleeping out. I made a lot of friends through The Big Issue.

I'm doing the City2Surf cause the magazine has done heaps for me. I'm doing it to give something back. And it's become a tradition now, I've done the last five City2Surfs.

I thought it would be an easy walk but it’s not, it’s tough as. The vibe is great though, and that’s what keeps you going. Everyone around you gives you the motivation to finish. And at the end I'm really proud.

I'm aiming to raise $1,500, but donations are a bit slow this year.

If you can, donate to our City2Surf team because the people who are doing it are really inspiring. For some of our vendors, it's a big step to get out and take part.



Dave is one of the Big Issue vendors doing City2Surf to raise money for The Big Issue, so we can keep supporting homeless and disadvantaged people in Sydney. All donations raised will support the work of The Big Issue in New South Wales – and people who need a hand up.

Help Dave reach his target, or support any of our amazing vendors by visiting everydayhero. Gifts $2 and over are tax deductible.


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