Celebrating a Special Big Issue Wedding

7 September 2018 Magazine

Celebrating a Special Big Issue Wedding

Newlywed vendors Kelly and Greg first met playing mixed wheelchair football 15-odd years ago. What followed is a story of joy, devastation and an abundance of love.

It’s not every day that a wedding is organised in 48 hours. But that’s what Greg and Kelly had to do, forgoing their plans for a big white wedding on doctor’s orders.

Both Kelly and Greg have spina bifida. During a routine appointment, Kelly was advised to bring their wedding as far forward as possible.

Plans for rose gardens and a horse-drawn carriage faded into a simple, intimate ceremony. And one that was overflowing with love.

Kelly and Greg share their story in the Love-themed edition of The Big Issue. The special wedding photo shoot was done by Autumn Mooney.

Watch the video for a peak at their special Big Issue wedding shoot. 

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