Parliamentary Shift with the WSE!

13 March 2020 Women's Subscription Enterprise

Parliamentary Shift with the WSE!

On Wednesday 4 March, more than 30 parliamentarians in Canberra gathered together for The Big Issue’s Parliamentary Shift.

Held at Parliament House, the event was in celebration of International Women’s Day (Sunday 8 March) and to commemorate ten years of the Women’s Subscription Enterprise.

The Women’s Subscription Enterprise is an initiative which provides secure, stable employment for women experiencing homelessness, disadvantage and marginalisation. For many women experiencing disadvantage, selling The Big Issue on the streets is not a viable or safe option, especially for those who are escaping family violence or looking after children. At the Women’s Subscription Enterprise, women pack subscriber copies of The Big Issue magazine in a safe, women-only environment.

To raise awareness of this incredible work, Parliamentarians met to take part in a large-scale version of a magazine packing shift. Guided by the expertise of NSW Women’s Enterprise employees, a total of 84 magazines were packed. Guests also heard from Enterprise employees Terri and Melissa, who spoke about their journey and experience of working with The Big Issue.

The Women’s Subscription Enterprise has employed more than 160 women across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, and have worked to pack and distribute 700,000 magazines.

If you would like to subscribe to The Big Issue and contribute to providing work opportunities for women experiencing homeless and disadvantage, visit our online shop, email or phone us on (03) 9663 4533.

Pictured: Enterprise employee Melissa with The Big Issue editor Amy Hetherington

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