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Le Chef

19 June 2012 Film

Le Chef

Life is hard for an inflexible perfectionist, and for 32-year-old Jacky Bonnot (Michaël Youn), a self-trained cook with haute cuisine ambitions, he’s bound to be disappointed when asked to fry up hamburgers and chips. In fact, he’s so arrogant and finicky he doesn’t last long at any of his jobs – a rather big problem for his pregnant girlfriend, Béatrice (Raphaëlle Agogué). Meanwhile, at a posh Paris restaurant, celebrity chef Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno) is fighting to save his establishment from the grimy gold-digging manager who wants to deck out the place as a faddish temple to molecular cuisine. It’s no surprise to anyone that Jacky and Alexandre are going to meet, and together they’re going to cook up a storm. Written and directed by Daniel Cohen, this middling French comedy is a nicely produced farce with some genuine laughs. There’s very little to tax or surprise the viewer, but it’s a fun swipe at those who take their food too seriously.