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7 September 2012 DVD


It was a strange moment earlier this year when distributors snuck Haywire into cinemas with zero fanfare. The poor US box office clearly made them nervous, but watching the film, you’re left wondering why no one realised what a gem they had on their hands. This superb action spy film reunites director Steven Soderbergh with writer Lem Dobbs for the first time since their 1999 masterpiece, The Limey. Mixed-martial arts star Gina Carano plays Mallory, an American agent working for a private contractor. When a mission goes disastrously wrong, Mallory must figure out which one of her many contacts has set her up. Haywire oozes class, and Carano is an engaging lead:  attractive and capable without ever descending into exploitation. With an amazing supporting cast including Michael Douglas, Bill Paxton, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Mathieu Kassovitz and Channing Tatum, and a funky score by David Holmes, this is action cinema for those who like a bit of depth in their violence.

Lee Zachariah