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Lake Air

7 September 2012 Music

Lake Air

The first thing to know about Dappled Cities’ fourth album is that they’re sounding less like the Flaming Lips, although ‘Run with the Wind’ still has a psychedelic vibe and some of their strangest lyrics: We climb mountains to be millionaires/And time bombs to blow on the backs of bears. It all feels like build-up to the song’s last 30 seconds, but it’s enjoyable and those 30 seconds are ecstatic. The second thing to know
is that the Sydneysiders also sound less like the Smiths. Having two singers (Dave Rennick and Tim Derricourt) lets the band get away with having two such distinct influences; now they’re united in a sound hailing from the school of irreverent Australian pop-rock – like Mental As Anything or maybe Hoodoo Gurus. They do it well, writing choruses you want to sing in the pub. ‘Work in the Mould’, in particular, has a wonderful wall-of-testosterone choral finish, chanting How we work in the mould with a different stress each time.

Jody Macgregor