Sunshine and Technology

11 September 2012 Music

Sunshine and Technology

The Smith Street Band

The second album from Melbourne’s Smith Street Band is both unpretentious and insightful, evoking aimless share-house summers clouded by the suffocating prospect of responsibility. Big, stupidly fun punk riffs support singer Wil Wagner’s smirking lyrics about drug use and social circles in a suburban dead end. Depicting the realities of Australian youth, his is a poetry that curses and shrugs. There’s an uncomfortable friction to these songs, equally restless and ambitionless. I see people that I love melting into mortgages / And low income bank loans, income tax percentages / And it’s all so fucking meaningless, he sings on ‘I Want Friends’. The title track has him walking past commission flats high out of my mind, while he declares on ‘Why I Can’t Draw’ that there’s more to me than lack of sleep and anxiety before imploring you to forget it all and sing along. Then those big, stupidly fun punk riffs kick in and it’s really all you can do.

Ah Cayley