New York Drawings

11 January 2013 Books

New York Drawings

Adrian Tomine

In the introduction to Tomine’s wonderful hardback book of illustrations, he ponders why the first question art students always ask him is, “How do you get published in The New Yorker?” The answer, which they don’t want to hear, is to work for 15 years as a comic book artist and then present the magazine with a portfolio that is so amazing they commission you to do a series of seminal covers. This collection showcases Tomine’s (pronounced ‘Taw-min-ay’) work for The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine and a few other smaller publications between 2004 and the present day. The thoughtful Californian brings all of the subtle wit and poignant atmosphere forged in graphic novels like Summer Blonde (2002) to bear in these captured moments of New York life. Two passengers reading the same book on passing subway cars, people of all cultures stuck together at a snowed-in airport, a woman receiving a package of books from Amazon spotted by her neighbour as he opens his tiny bookstore – these bright and uplifting panels render this a peach of a collection. 

Chris Flynn