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25 January 2013 DVD


Based on Robert Wilson’s two award-winning novels, The Blind Man of Seville (2003) and The Silent and the Damned (2004), this four-part British crime series stars Marton Csokas (Romulus, My Father) as Spanish homicide detective Javier Falcón, a divorcee struggling with drug addiction. While Csokas is compelling as the investigator in the very familiar ‘flawed and brooding’ mould, it’s the supporting cast that makes this an above-average cop show. Falcón’s bitter ex-wife (Emilia Fox), his grieving sister (Kerry Fox) and family-man partner (Charlie Creed-Miles), offer multi-layered characterisations, while Hayley Atwell (Pillars of the Earth) is appealing as a murder victim’s young widow and Falcón’s lover. Spoken with British accents, the filmmakers have thankfully avoided a misguided attempt at authenticity with Spanish-accented English. The gruesome murder mysteries themselves, however, are convoluted, far-fetched and the least engaging aspect of the series. Even so, Falcón is entertaining television. Slickly directed and highly stylised, it’s also exquisitely shot, taking full advantage of the beautiful Sevillian locations. 

Carly Millar