Cee-Lo's Magic Moment

Cee-Lo Green Who could have predicted that Cee-Lo Green would ever record a cheesy Christmas album? That the man singing about degradation in Goodie Mob’s ‘Sesame Street’ (Soul Food, 1995) would ...

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3 December 2012 Category: Music

Lost at Sea

Jon Ronson Nebbish non-fiction author Jon Ronson has made a career out of plonking himself among cult groups, conspiracy theorists and other fringe dwellers, and reporting on how the experience affects ...

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3 December 2012 Category: Books

Into the Abyss

Death penalty documentaries often take the form of a detective story hoping to free a possibly innocent person from death row. Into the Abyss takes a more philosophical approach, with ...

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16 November 2012 Category: DVD

To the Dollhouse

Melodie Nelson Taking her stage name from Serge Gainsbourg’s 1971 concept album, Histoire de Melody Nelson – a narrative record chronicling the singer seducing a troubled nymphet – Sydney’s Lia Tsamoglou ...

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16 November 2012 Category: Music


After an over-the-top opening chase sequence that announces the death of the previous two James Bond movies’ (relatively) realistic approach to action, Skyfall then kills Bond (Daniel Craig) himself. Obviously ...

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16 November 2012 Category: Film

New Finnish Grammar

Diego Marani This very successful Italian novel has been a long time coming for English speakers. Originally released in 2000, it was inexplicably not translated until 2011 and has only now ...

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16 November 2012 Category: Books

The Master

In the US Navy, Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) made hooch and had sex with a woman made of sand, literally. In post World War II America, those abilities are not ...

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2 November 2012 Category: Film

The Cabin in the Woods

The end of every genre begins with its deconstruction. We saw it with slasher films (Scream, 1996), zombie movies (Shaun of the Dead, 2004), redneck killer flicks (Tucker & Dale ...

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2 November 2012 Category: DVD

Smokey's Haunt

Urthboy Going into summer, it’s a wonder Urthboy didn’t include more festival jams on the rapper’s fourth record. The most festival-ready cut is second single ‘Knee Length Socks’, an autobiographical account ...

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2 November 2012 Category: Music

The Voyage

Murray Bail Frank Delage travels from Sydney, Australia, to Vienna, Austria, to interest Europeans in his reinvention of the piano. As a business trip this is not a success, though he ...

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2 November 2012 Category: Books