Former Lives

Benjamin Gibbard After 15 years fronting Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard has decided the time is right for a solo offering; that is, to find a home for a handful ...

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25 October 2012 Category: Music


Robert Drewe Touted as a sequel to Drewe’s acclaimed memoir The Shark Net, Montebello stands on its own two feet – you certainly don’t need any knowledge of the earlier book ...

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25 October 2012 Category: Books


Frankenstein’s monster just got a whole lot cuddlier, thanks to Tim Burton. In transforming his own 1984 short film into a feature, the gleefully gothic auteur clearly had a lot ...

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19 October 2012 Category: Film

A Separation

A judge tells a married Iranian couple he won’t grant them a divorce because their dispute amounts to just “a little problem”. But when are marital problems ever little? Simin ...

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19 October 2012 Category: DVD

Liberal Arts

Actor Josh Radnor is best known as Ted in hit TV series How I Met Your Mother, but he’s also a talented writer and director. His second feature, Liberal Arts, ...

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5 October 2012 Category: Film

Sugaring Season

Beth Orton Beth Orton has always stood apart from other pensive singer-songwriters, thanks to an organic fusion of folk and electronics. That identifying feature is absent on the English artist’s first ...

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5 October 2012 Category: Music

When It Happens To You

MOLLY RINGWALD “Can she write?” is the question that’s likely to run through people’s minds when they pick up Molly Ringwald’s fiction debut. In TV interviews, Ringwald has acknowledged that people ...

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5 October 2012 Category: Books

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Six-year-old Hushpuppy (Quvenzhané Wallis) lives with her hard-drinking father, Wink (Dwight Henry), in the Bathtub, a fictional bayou region of southern Louisiana. The character of Bathtub’s inhabitants is forged by ...

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11 September 2012 Category: Film

Portlandia: Season One

Talk about easy targets: self-righteous bicyclists and dumpster divers are among those affectionately mocked by this sketch comedy series about the bohemian paradise of Portland, Oregon. Co-stars Carrie Brownstein (singer-guitarist ...

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11 September 2012 Category: DVD

Sunshine and Technology

The Smith Street Band The second album from Melbourne’s Smith Street Band is both unpretentious and insightful, evoking aimless share-house summers clouded by the suffocating prospect of responsibility. Big, stupidly fun ...

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11 September 2012 Category: Music