...Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age have always been a bit of an enigma: the band’s line-up constantly changes, their music crosses genres with ease, and their ...

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7 June 2013 Category: Music

The Newsroom: Season One

For a guy who defined quality television drama more than a decade ago with The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin certainly seems to have let it go to his head. While ...

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10 May 2013 Category: DVD

Levels of Life

Julian Barnes “You put together two things that have not been put together before. And the world is changed.” With that deceptively simple introduction, Julian Barnes launches his latest book, a ...

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30 April 2013 Category: Books


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Like The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are synonymous with early-2000s New York rock revivalism. Their stripped-down line-up, comprising vocals, a single guitar and drums, was key to the ...

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10 April 2013 Category: Music


Devendra Banhart Devendra Banhart has been busy in the decade since he first emerged. The Texas-born musician, who was raised in Venezuela before returning to America in his teens, has produced ...

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14 March 2013 Category: Music

Resident Evil: Retribution

Before you can begin to savour the dubious joys of Resident Evil: Retribution – the 11th or 12th instalment (kidding, it’s the fifth) in junk auteur Paul WS Anderson’s violent, ...

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13 March 2013 Category: DVD

I See Seaweed

The Drones Intense, vitriolic parables on life, lust and Laika (the Soviet dog that, in 1957, was the first animal to orbit Earth) define only part of The Drones’ sixth album. ...

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13 March 2013 Category: Music

To Sell Is Human

Daniel H Pink In his new book, US author and journalist Daniel H Pink will have you believe that the act of selling is fundamentally human. You are a salesperson if ...

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13 March 2013 Category: Books


East Germany in 1980 was a place where keeping suspicious company could land you in a gulag, so it’s understandable that Barbara (Nina Hoss) of Christian Petzold’s eponymous film keeps ...

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12 March 2013 Category: Film


The Sopranos with moonshine: welcome to the world of Lawless, the brutal true  story of the Bondurant Brothers – a bunch of bootleggin’ rednecks who made a go of the ...

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24 February 2013 Category: DVD