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Atlantic Black

Atlantic Black is as psychologically troubling as his award-winning Black Rock White City.

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5 November 2017 Category: Books

Lincoln in the Bardo

American author George Saunders makes an ambitious debut as a novelist with this unique exploration of grief and denial.

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23 March 2017 Category: Books


Peter Carey's new book delves into hot button issues like hacktivism, detention centres and the Whitlam removal. But does he pull it off?

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24 November 2014 Category: Books

This House of Grief

Thuy On reviews Helen Garner's newest, much-awaited and highly controversial book, This House of Grief.

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30 September 2014 Category: Books

The Midnight Dress

Karen Foxlee When 15-year-old Rose Lovell rolls into the north Queensland sugarcane town of Leonora with her no-hoper dad, she’s towing a caravan-full of teen angst and a deep sense of ...

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25 January 2013 Category: Books

New York Drawings

Adrian Tomine In the introduction to Tomine’s wonderful hardback book of illustrations, he ponders why the first question art students always ask him is, “How do you get published in The ...

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11 January 2013 Category: Books

Lost at Sea

Jon Ronson Nebbish non-fiction author Jon Ronson has made a career out of plonking himself among cult groups, conspiracy theorists and other fringe dwellers, and reporting on how the experience affects ...

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3 December 2012 Category: Books

New Finnish Grammar

Diego Marani This very successful Italian novel has been a long time coming for English speakers. Originally released in 2000, it was inexplicably not translated until 2011 and has only now ...

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16 November 2012 Category: Books

The Voyage

Murray Bail Frank Delage travels from Sydney, Australia, to Vienna, Austria, to interest Europeans in his reinvention of the piano. As a business trip this is not a success, though he ...

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2 November 2012 Category: Books


Robert Drewe Touted as a sequel to Drewe’s acclaimed memoir The Shark Net, Montebello stands on its own two feet – you certainly don’t need any knowledge of the earlier book ...

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25 October 2012 Category: Books