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Girls: Season Six

Will the final season of the iconic series deliver?

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12 February 2017 Category: DVD

Veep: Season Two

Anthony Morris reviews the second season of political comedy 'Veep', starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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4 June 2014 Category: DVD

Masters of Sex: Season 1

Anthony Morris reviews Masters of Sex.

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30 April 2014 Category: DVD

The Alan Partridge Collection

A massive success in the 1990s in the UK, Steve Coogan’s work as Alan Partridge has – until recently – been all but unknown in Australia. That’s thanks largely to ...

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11 November 2013 Category: DVD


Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, thirtysomething (yes, all in lower case) was the hottest thing on American television. Yet today the show is all but forgotten, its ...

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2 August 2013 Category: DVD

Breaking Bad: Season Five

When we last saw New Mexico high-school chemistry teacher turned meth cook, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), he’d finally solved all his problems. Well, all his external problems, at least: blowing up ...

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5 July 2013 Category: DVD

The Newsroom: Season One

For a guy who defined quality television drama more than a decade ago with The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin certainly seems to have let it go to his head. While ...

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10 May 2013 Category: DVD

Resident Evil: Retribution

Before you can begin to savour the dubious joys of Resident Evil: Retribution – the 11th or 12th instalment (kidding, it’s the fifth) in junk auteur Paul WS Anderson’s violent, ...

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13 March 2013 Category: DVD


The Sopranos with moonshine: welcome to the world of Lawless, the brutal true  story of the Bondurant Brothers – a bunch of bootleggin’ rednecks who made a go of the ...

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24 February 2013 Category: DVD

The Hour: Series 2

It’s 1957, and a year has passed since BBC current affairs program The Hour almost met its demise following an exposé of the previous government. There’s now a new head ...

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8 February 2013 Category: DVD