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Girls: Season Six

Will the final season of the iconic series deliver?

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12 February 2017 Category: DVD

Moone Boy

While the imaginary friend genre hit its high point with Drop Dead Fred (1991), Moone Boy proves there’s plenty of juice left in the tank. The brainchild of actor Chris ...

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11 January 2013 Category: DVD


Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) is an assistant funeral director, musical aficionado, passionate Christian and the most popular man in his tiny town of Carthage, Texas. Determined to help others, he ...

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3 December 2012 Category: DVD

Into the Abyss

Death penalty documentaries often take the form of a detective story hoping to free a possibly innocent person from death row. Into the Abyss takes a more philosophical approach, with ...

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16 November 2012 Category: DVD

The Cabin in the Woods

The end of every genre begins with its deconstruction. We saw it with slasher films (Scream, 1996), zombie movies (Shaun of the Dead, 2004), redneck killer flicks (Tucker & Dale ...

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2 November 2012 Category: DVD

A Separation

A judge tells a married Iranian couple he won’t grant them a divorce because their dispute amounts to just “a little problem”. But when are marital problems ever little? Simin ...

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19 October 2012 Category: DVD

Portlandia: Season One

Talk about easy targets: self-righteous bicyclists and dumpster divers are among those affectionately mocked by this sketch comedy series about the bohemian paradise of Portland, Oregon. Co-stars Carrie Brownstein (singer-guitarist ...

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11 September 2012 Category: DVD


It was a strange moment earlier this year when distributors snuck Haywire into cinemas with zero fanfare. The poor US box office clearly made them nervous, but watching the film, ...

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7 September 2012 Category: DVD

Take This Waltz

Inspired by Leonard Cohen’s 1988 song of the same name, Take This Waltz focuses on Margot (Michelle Williams) and Lou (Seth Rogen), a young couple in Toronto whose marriage has ...

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19 June 2012 Category: DVD