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Gorillaz: Humanz

We take a look at the latest album released by Gorillaz, the musical veil for artist Damon Albarn

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21 April 2017 Category: Music

Adele: 25

After its (controversial) win of Album of the Year at the Grammys, we take a closer look at Adele's 25.

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3 March 2017 Category: Music

Everyday Robots

Paul McBride reviews Damon Albarn's first solo album.

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9 May 2014 Category: Music

Morning Phase

Beck In the years following Modern Guilt (2008), Beck Hansen delighted in dodging the expected, stepping off the album/promotion/tour carousel with a host of art projects and experiments. He issued an ...

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25 March 2014 Category: Music

The Electric Lady

Janelle Monáe With The Electric Lady, Janelle Monáe is now five ‘Suites’ – an EP and two albums – into a musical exploration of Metropolis: the science-fictionalised, Afro-futurist world that all ...

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14 October 2013 Category: Music

...Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age have always been a bit of an enigma: the band’s line-up constantly changes, their music crosses genres with ease, and their ...

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7 June 2013 Category: Music


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Like The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are synonymous with early-2000s New York rock revivalism. Their stripped-down line-up, comprising vocals, a single guitar and drums, was key to the ...

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10 April 2013 Category: Music


Devendra Banhart Devendra Banhart has been busy in the decade since he first emerged. The Texas-born musician, who was raised in Venezuela before returning to America in his teens, has produced ...

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14 March 2013 Category: Music

I See Seaweed

The Drones Intense, vitriolic parables on life, lust and Laika (the Soviet dog that, in 1957, was the first animal to orbit Earth) define only part of The Drones’ sixth album. ...

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13 March 2013 Category: Music

Son of Rogue's Gallery

  Various artists This second instalment of the Johnny Depp-involved series features exactly the sort of musical characters you’d expect to find on a pirate-themed compilation (Shane MacGowan, Dr John, Tim Robbins), ...

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24 February 2013 Category: Music