The Big Issue eClassroom

The Big Issue eClassroom delivers interactive workshops online to secondary schools around Australia.

The eClassroom follows a similar format to our face-to-face workshops, with secondary students hearing from a trained facilitator as well as a guest speaker who has experienced homelessness.

How it works in 3 simple steps

  • Make a booking with The Big Issue Classroom
  • Set up a computer connected to the internet, a projector and speakers. A microphone and webcam are desirable but not essential
  • At the scheduled time, click on the link we provide.

The eClassroom is delivered through web-conferencing software. After booking an eClassroom, you can request a technical test.

What are the benefits to students and teachers?

  • Minimises the disruption of an excursion
  • Can be delivered at scheduled classroom times (subject to availability)
  • Enables ALL students – regardless of location – to experience The Big Issue Classroom
  • All of our primary and secondary workshops can be delivered via the eClassroom if you can't get to one of our Classroom spaces

For more information and bookings, contact Melissa Kophamel on (02) 8332 7200 or email

Here are examples of the interactive slides your students will learn from during the eClassroom workshop.