The Big Issue magazine is a fortnightly, independent magazine that's sold on the streets by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people.

Vendors buy copies of the magazine for $4.50 and sell them for $9, keeping the difference. Since its inception in Australia in 1996, more than 13 million magazines have been sold, putting $30 million into the pockets of disadvantaged Australians.

The Big Issue is timely and topical, and loved by readers for its distinctive brand of irreverence. The magazine has something for everyone: vendors' stories, celebrity profiles, culture, commentary and in-depth social justice investigations all feature in its pages.

The magazine is available in both a print and digital version from vendors. We also sell subscriptions, providing jobs for homeless and disadvantaged women through our Women's Subscription Enterprise.

Want to have your say about The Big Issue magazine? We encourage readers to send in their thoughts. Email your message to submissions@bigissue.org.au or post it to The Big Issue, GPO Box 4911, Melbourne, VICTORIA 3001. Please note "Your Say" submissions must be 100 words or less and may be edited for clarity or space.

Really want to know the facts about The Big Issue and our vendors? Check out our mythbusting page to sort the facts from the fictions.

The Big Issue Magazines

be a vendor

As a vendor of The Big Issue magazine, you buy magazines for $4.50 each and sell them for $9 each, which puts cash in your pocket to help make ends meet. To find out more or to refer someone, please contact the vendor support team in your local state.

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