Andrew Sp

Im born and bred in Newcastle, a stick in the mud.

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31 October 2019

Brian W

I moved to Sydney, where I heard about The Big Issue. I started selling my first issue was #34 in October 1997. Im now up to #597!

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14 October 2019


I think that my love of selling, and the energy I get from interacting with my customers, is what makes me a good vendor.

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2 October 2019


I was born in Ukraine. I lived in a small town about 500km from Kiev, close to the city of Vinnytsia

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19 September 2019

Brett C

A lot of people have the wrong idea about The Big Issue. We are not all homeless but we are all trying to improve our lives.

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5 September 2019


Im back working. I enjoy it, you know. You meet people, good company. I like working outside. I have a ball, have fun.

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21 August 2019

David LE

I like to stay happy and positive, and rarely let things get me down no matter how bad they get.

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8 August 2019


I really like what The Big Issue is doing to raise awareness. It is not just a job, there are so many other social aspects to it.

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25 July 2019


I tell everyone have a nice day because if I say it to one person, I have to say it to everyone so that no-one feels left out!

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9 July 2019

Peter T

Tough times. I found a Big Issue vendor on the street and asked, What do I do to get involved? I need some cash. This was nine years ago.

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27 June 2019

be a vendor

As a vendor of The Big Issue magazine, you buy magazines for $4.50 each and sell them for $9 each, which puts cash in your pocket to help make ends meet. To find out more or to refer someone, please contact the vendor support team in your local state.

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