"I grew up in Queensland. My mum and dad divorced when I was young and they moved me to Adelaide when I was little, about 11 or 12. I went ...

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25 March 2013


"I’d lived here in Adelaide all my life, till I went to Melbourne in 2009 for three or four months with my partner, Rick. He’d sold The Big Issue before ...

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12 March 2013


"I started with The Big Issue just over a year ago. My mate Dougie and his wife Sharon sell the mag and they talked me into it. Doug told me, ...

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21 February 2013


Eileen is no different from many other 31-year-old women: she loves shopping for clothes (especially shoes and handbags), loves a party, music and films, and having a good old chat ...

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8 February 2013


"With the Christmas issue (Ed#421), I celebrated my 300th Big Issue edition as a vendor. I’m over the moon to make it this far. On 20 February it will be ...

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25 January 2013


"I’ve been blind since the age of 16 – I knew it would happen, as it’s hereditary. My dad went blind later in life, and I’ve got two sisters who ...

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11 January 2013


Readers might recognise Melbourne vendor Johnnie from The Big Issue’s 2010 national advertising campaign, which featured a beaming Johnnie holding a copy of the magazine with George Clooney on the ...

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13 December 2012


"When the doctors told my mum her baby probably wouldn’t walk or talk, she didn’t know that I was going to prove them wrong. She had German measles when she ...

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21 November 2012


"I was born in Tassie, but my parents split up and Mum raised me and my two brothers on Centrelink payments. We went to the local public schools, in a ...

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2 November 2012


It’s been more than five years since I was introduced to the The Big Issue by another vendor and I’ve never looked back. I sell near the Canberra GPO on ...

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25 October 2012

be a vendor

As a vendor of The Big Issue magazine, you buy magazines for $4.50 each and sell them for $9 each, which puts cash in your pocket to help make ends meet. To find out more or to refer someone, please contact the vendor support team in your local state.

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