Marg works in The Big Issue Womenís Subscription Enterprise in Melbourne.

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15 May 2019


On my first day I thought I would only last three months, because thatís as long as the magazine would last, but here we are after 20 years.

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1 May 2019


I want to settle down and have kids Ė meet the right person and start a family. Iíve also never been on a plane; I want to go interstate or overseas.

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10 April 2019


Thereíve been tough times in my life, but Iím so grateful for the good things I have now Ė people who love me, gorgeous grandkids and a job I love.

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3 April 2019


Joining The Big Issue is the best thing I ever did. I love having chats with people and I have built up some regular customers.

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22 March 2019


Iíve been told I have a memorable smile that lights up a room and a cheeky glint in my eyes! Iím an optimist at heart.

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6 March 2019

David H

The magazine does not just happen. And weíre not all homeless. We are not out there begging. Weíre working.

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20 February 2019


The Big Issue has made a lot of difference to me. Itís because of the people Iím meeting. Iím making a different life for myself.

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7 February 2019

Trevor D

I love selling The Big Issue. It's helped me appreciate myself a bit more. My self-worth has gone way up.

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18 January 2019

Wayne A

I have a cat called Lucky, she is grey and a really good friend, my Lucky. I have only had her for a few months, but we hit it off well.

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14 December 2018

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