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12 November 2019

Bradley W

I’m 51 now, that’s not too bad. I have always lived in Sydney. I was living up at Woy Woy a long time ago with my mother, up in The Entrance. Now I live in Fairfield and I live by myself and that’s the way I like it.

I’ve been working at The Big Issue over six years now. I love it. I travel all the way to the Northern Beaches to sell the magazine but I don’t mind, I love it. I love travelling on trains and buses because I love transport. I’ve been on the new Sydney Metro train, which is alright. It goes very fast and there is no driver.

I travel around a lot. I’ve travelled to Grafton, Lismore, Casino and up to Byron Bay which is a long way, but I don’t mind.

I look after myself, I keep myself tidy, I do a lot of things. I look after my own money; I’m not on the public trust no more.

I pay my own electricity bill and what’s left over I buy my shopping; my rent comes out automatic.

I was homeless a long time ago. I was living on the street for a while because I ran away from home. There were too many people living with my mother and my father and I said “no, I need time out”. I would sleep on the train because the city is not a good place to sleep when you’re homeless. There are a lot of homeless people out there getting robbed and badly hurt.

Before I joined The Big Issue, I was working in a factory out at Ingleburn. Since joining The Big Issue, I wouldn’t work anywhere else. I don’t want to leave this job; I like to sell mags and the calendars.

I’ve got a lot of people looking after me now because I got myself a place and I like it. I like to keep it very tidy and I keep to myself. I am in touch with my family again. The only family I got is my oldest brother and my youngest brother. I’ve also got a cousin up on the Gold Coast. I don’t have my mother or my father, or my sister, because they all passed away a long time ago. I did get a chance to make up with them. It took me a while though.

One of the best things I’ve done while at The Big Issue is trying to get people to come and sign up; that and doing the City2Surf. I love doing the City2Surf, I will be doing it next time. I didn’t make it this year, I got half way, to Edgecliff. I didn’t have the right shoes on. That’s alright, not too bad, I made it to the finish the other year.

All my customers are very friendly and very nice. I’d like to thank them all, and The Big Issue volunteers out there, because they’re working very hard, along with all the workers here who are working very hard too. And remember: Don’t worry, be happy.

Photograph Peter Holcroft

Interview by Sam Clark
Bradley Sells The Big Issue at Dee Why, Collaroy, Palm Beach and Newport, Sydney.